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June 2018 Newsletter

Posted by Brian Hudson on 28/06/2018 18:19

GCCL – Newsletter to Clubs –June 2018


This newsletter records the key points from the County League Committee Meeting on June 25.


Thank you very much to all the League’s teams for a very smooth start to the season and for everyone’s co-operation in the calling in and redistribution of the Greene King IPA stumps.  The Committee was pleased to note the reduction in disciplinary issues, particularly at a time when other leagues are having to write open letters on the subject to their clubs.


Withdrawal of St Stephens CC from Division 6


The withdrawal of St Stephens mid-season is extremely disappointing, not least because it leaves teams with blank Saturdays. 


A number of clubs have asked how promotion and relegation will now work.  This is of course dependent on the knock-on from WEPL.


If it is two up, two down between WEPL and the GCCL:


  • One team will be relegated from Division 6 to Division 7, and two promoted from 7 to 6


  • Three teams will be relegated from Division 7 to the District Leagues


  • In 2017, due to the knock-on from WEPL, five teams were relegated from Division 7 with three to the Stroud League.  In light of this promotion will be offered to top two in the Stroud League.  If the top two do not want promotion, relegation to the District Leagues will be reduced accordingly.


If it is two up, three down between WEPL and the GCCL:


  • Two teams will be relegated from Division 6 to Division 7, and two promoted from 7 to 6


  • Three teams will be relegated from Division 7 to the District Leagues


  • The gap created by St Stephens in Division 6 will be filled by the “Three down” in Divisions 1 to 5.


At the time of writing, if the season finished now, it would be two up, three down between WEPL and the GCCL.  However, on Friday June 22 it was two up, two down.


Greene King IPA stumps


  • Photographs of the stumps pitched or  in use would be gratefully welcomed


  • Clubs that have not yet collected their remanufactured stumps are encouraged to do so.


No Ball for Full Pitch above Waist Height


It must be stressed that in matches without appointed umpires:


  • It is essential that the new law is applied for any delivery that is clearly above the waist of the batsman standing upright at the popping crease


  • There could be legal implications for captains if the law is not applied.


Everything is explained in the link top right on the website home page.




  • To reiterate what was in the May Newsletter, the feedback has been that the new Player/Club umpire cards distributed at the Captains’ Briefing are proving very helpful and beneficial.  However, there is still feedback that some teams are not using them.  Please do so because, in addition to their usefulness on match days, in the same way as the ECB Team cards they could also help in resolving a post-match dispute


  • Rule 18 clearly sets out the protocols for club and player umpires


  • Rule 18 (h) states - In County League games a person under the age of 18 cannot stand as umpire at the bowlers end unless they have successfully completed a formal umpiring course, introductory or higher. Young people may stand at the striker’s end.


Disciplinary Tariff


To avoid confusion following reports by appointed umpires:


  • Due to the recent changes to the laws, the umpires have to use the wording of the new laws and the ECB disciplinary tariff


  • The GCCL was not briefed on this and thus, for the 2018 season, it has no option but to use the pre-existing GCCL tariff.  NB There is no blame attached to GACUS for this.


Football World Cup


There is a possibility that England could reach a quarter final at 3pm Saturday July 7.  The League’s position is:


  • The expectation is that matches will be played at the usual time and with the usual duration


  • There are two options if players want to watch the match.  By mutual agreement play:


  • On the following Sunday (July 8)
  •  On Saturday 7th with 20/25/30 overs a side starting at 12:00/11:30/11:00, as appropriate, with a 10 minute interval


  • There is no obligation for any team to agree to an early start, reduced overs or change of date.  If a club can neither raise a team for a full match nor can agree one of the options above, the match will have to be conceded under the normal rules.


Key dates


Tuesday October 23


Hatherley & Reddings CC

Friday November 9

Presentation Dinner