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February 2017 Newsletter

Posted by Brian Hudson on 02/03/2017 15:14

GCCL – Newsletter to Clubs – February 2017


This newsletter records the key points from the County League Committee meeting on February 27. 


The Committee is very pleased to report that Dan Clarke from Tewkesbury CC has volunteered to take on the role of League Secretary.  Grateful thanks to Dan!


Sadly the League has learnt of the death of the previous chairman, Bob Attwood and sends sincere condolences to Bob’s family.  The League will be represented at his funeral and a donation sent to the nominated charity in his memory.


Driven in part by the upgrades to, there will be a number of changes to the way that the League is run in 2017.  These are detailed below but, before that, a very serious issue.




Clubs will have received communications from the GCB and are reminded of rule 4 – “All clubs must have a current Club Welfare Officer, registered with the GCB.”


The latest data from the GCB indicates that unless the CWO registration is resolved before the start of the season the following clubs are at risk of being unable to play in 2017:














Cheltenham Civil Service


Ruardean Hill




Cinderford St Johns





Slaughters United







Gloucester A.I.W.



Gloucester City Winget



Haresfield Gladiators


Ullenwood Bharat

Hatherley & Reddings



Kings Stanley




It may be that the problem is that the GCB does not have the up-to-date information about the club.  All clubs listed above are advised to make contact with the GCB as a matter of urgency.  The contacts are Theresa Ellison ( or Steve Silk (


The requirement is that all clubs must have a nominated CWO, who has attended the 2 necessary courses. They also need a valid DBS verified by the ECB.


Club Contacts Database


A new feature has recently been added to play-cricket that allows leagues to communicate with clubs using the details held in the “About Us” page on clubs’ play-cricket website.  This will have benefits for clubs and leagues alike:


  • Once fully established, club secretaries will not have to deal with multiple requests from leagues, associations and county boards for club contact details
  • Clubs will be able, quickly and easily, ensure that their contact details are always up-to-date when personnel, or their details, change
  • The League will not have the time-consuming and tedious task of maintaining the current database.


The League will be in touch shortly to implement this new arrangement.


Bonus Points


There will be no need for teams to input the number of Bonus Points gained.  These will be automatically calculated by play-cricket.


Captains Reports


The League will be using the new play-cricket facility that will eliminate the switching between systems and make match reporting more of a one-hit process.


Honours Board


For a couple of seasons, the ECB has produced a weekly Honours Board of the top batting and bowling performances.  This however has had the drawback of being county-wide and covering all types of cricket.


League webmaster Sam Huntley, a young University of Gloucestershire student, has developed a GCCL-only Honours Board that will be updated weekly.  As an example the GCCL Honours Board for the last Saturday of the 2016 season will be posted on the website.



Handbook and Captains’ Aide-memoire

In this era of smart phones the League Handbook, and the Captains’ Aide-memoire, will no longer be printed.  Both documents will be easily accessible from the home page of the League website.  Clubs will be expected to ensure that a copy of the League rules is easily accessible, either electronically or hard copy, at all their home matches.


Key dates for 2017


The Balls Meeting and Captains’ Briefing will take place on Tuesday April 25 at Hatherley & Reddings CC.  First there will also be a brief Spring General Meeting with four propositions:


  • Legside wides to be adopted in Divisions 1 to 4
  • A tidy-up of the Overseas Player rule.  NB This will not lead to more overseas players in the County League
  • Clubs’ play-cricket “About Us” to provide the data for the League’s communication with clubs
  • Copies of the League rules to be accessible either electronically or hard copy


Attendance at the Briefing is mandatory for Team Captains.  Club Chairmen are responsible for the culture of their clubs and thus they are also very welcome to attend.


The AGM will be held on Thursday October 26 at Hatherley & Reddings CC.


The Dinner will on Friday November 17 at Cheltenham Civil Service CC.


Player Registrations


Thank you very much to the significant number of clubs that have tidied-up of the plethora of incorrect, corrupt, spurious and duplicate registrations. 


In order that all clubs are able to carry out the process, the deadline has been extended until April 10.  By this date, clubs will have had several net sessions and the NatWest CricketForce weekend to collect any necessary data.  Any players without plausible dates of birth or post codes after this time will have their registration cancelled.


Officials Courses


Thank you very much to everyone who has booked an umpiring or scoring course, or who attended the Thornbury scoring course.   Clubs are advised to expedite bookings because any umpiring course with less than 10 delegates will be cancelled.


 The dates and venues for the three core “Introduction to Umpiring” courses have been confirmed:


  • Monday April 3rd  at Aston Ingham CC 6.30pm – 9.30pm
  • Wednesday April 12th at Cirencester CC 6.30pm – 9.30pm
  • Monday April 24th at Upton St.Leonards CC 6.30pm-9.30pm


In addition, Woodpeckers CC are hosting a course on Monday 10th April and Cheltenham CC on Tuesday 21st March.  These are mainly for club members, but other attendees will be welcome.  If any other club wishes to host an in-house course, please contact Peter Sawyer at GACUS.


Very many thanks to all the clubs that are hosting courses. 


Details of the Level 1 Umpiring and Introduction to Scoring courses are on the “Training” page of the GACUS website (  The remaining Introduction to Scoring Course is on Sunday 5th March 2017 - PM - 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm at Kingsholm CC, Sandhurst Lane, Sandhurst, Gloucester, GL2 9NP   


The League policy for funding attendance at Officials Courses is:


  • GACUS invoice directly for attendees at Introductory Umpiring and Scoring courses to meet the League’s requirements
  • Clubs hosting in-house Introductory courses are refunded for up to four attendees
  • Full refund, plus £50 bonus, for successful Level 1 Umpiring delegates that start to be appointed for, and stand regularly, at Saturday afternoon matches.


Bookings can be made with Peter Sawyer (See the “About Us” page on   


The League “Requirements” spreadsheet is at




The invoices for the affiliation fee and cricket balls, including any additional balls ordered, will be sent out during March.


Scoring App


Clubs are reminded about the new, free ECB digital scoring app ( that will be available in time for the 2017 season.  It will eliminate the need for the transcription of scorecards and allow the future introduction of Duckworth Lewis Stern to simplify the Rain Rules.


Covers for sale


Redmarley CC has a set of mobile pitch covers that may be of benefit to other County League sides.


The covers are currently on eBay at, but their preference is to sell to a local club if there is a need or interest in the County.


Overseas Players email from the ECB


“We know that understanding visa requirements for overseas players joining your club can be a tricky web to untangle. The difference between ‘professional sportspersons’ and ‘amateurs’ can seem blurred and knowing what you need to do legally, can therefore seem too difficult to bother with.


Following discussions with the Home Office, we’ve created a document with their approval that we hope makes it easier for clubs to understand - Home Office Immigration Rules for Cricket.


Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with legal advice directly. However, we’ll continue to do our best to explain your requirements in the simplest way possible. For more information, we recommend you visit the Home Office website or check out some useful links below as well as an FAQ sheet.


Should you have any further queries, please email us at”


Volunteer Projects - Email received


“Our colleagues at Involve Gloucestershire had a busy 2016 connecting organisations like yours to employers through volunteering.  Milestones so far have been:


-          84 ‘challenges’ organised.

-          27 skills-exchange opportunities coordinated.

-          Engaging 29 different employers, 779 employees, contributing nearly 5,500 hours to 54 different charities. 

-          2016 Gloucestershire Business Awards Winner Corporate Social Responsibility.

-          National Skills Exchange Ambassador. 

-          Co-founder of Gloucestershire Connect– a partnership with Cabinet Office, VCS Alliance, Business in the Community, Growth Hub, GRCC and a network of ‘lay’ organisations aimed at collaboratively identifying barriers and opportunities in cross-sector partnerships. 

They are now looking for projects from you, big or small, to connect you to local employers through Employer Supported Volunteering. 


In particular, they are looking for projects that accommodate 20 people or more on a single day.  This is a real opportunity to transform a building or piece of land, or to help complete an ambitious project. 


We will be in touch again shortly to identify your skills-exchange needs to link you in to some exciting opportunities later in the year, so put your thinking caps on as to how you might benefit from skilled help from local employers.   


In the meantime, if you would like to propose a project for this large team, please get in touch with:  


Daniel Chun

Project Manager

Involve Gloucestershire

340 High Street


GL50 3JF

Tel:    01242 228999  ext. 109