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Appendix to "Making Saturday Afternoons More Enjoyable"

Posted by Brian Hudson on 04/05/2017 16:14



  • Awards for the “Spirit of Cricket”
  • Time for captains to suggest behaviour patterns.
  • Penalty points for bad behaviour.
  • Captains to reprimand their own players for stepping out of line.
  • Individually sign up to a code of conduct and display in the pavilion.
  • Club Code of Conduct.
  • Player fines – give money to your club for poor behaviour.
  • Umpire respect.
  • The best umpires in the world make errors. Captains must step in and defuse any flashpoints whatever their view.
  • Team Captains to have Divisional Meetings at start middle and end of season to address behaviour concerns that occur and report to league.
  • Abusive language/attitude/misbehaving etc. should be wiped off.
  • Strong messages to captains.
  • Increase penalties and bans.
  • Players guilty of ungentlemanly conduct should be banned for 2 matches and a fine.
  • Card system for bad behaviour/abuse which penalises players and when added up has further consequences. (points deductions/fines/ban).
  • Captains & chairmen to clamp down on bad behaviour – umpires please report all cases.
  • Individual player honesty – walk don’t cheat!
  • Set the tone as captain – leave individuals to be trusted.
  • Some people have closed attitudes and need to be more open-minded and forward thinking.
  • If clubs regularly get poor marks for fair play, deduct points.
  • Award prize money for divisions with best fair play marks.
  • Poor umpiring and poor behaviour linked. Spoilt Saturdays by poor decisions.  All umps must know LBW law.
  • Points penalties. Clubs should own discipline
  • Set the standards expected and be self-policing.
  • 3 strike rule and evicted from the match.
  • Shorter player bans, but more frequent.
  • Address the player after the game when captains are with the umpires.
  • Impartial umpires preferably the same pair for both innings.
  • Captains to take bigger responsibility to police their own team.
  • An expectation that coordinated sledging is not appropriate and should not happen.
  • Abuse will be solved if at least one qualified umpire is present.
  • One umpire from end to end.
  • Internal codes of conduct to protect the club from disciplinary issues.
  • It is down to all captains and players themselves to conduct themselves in the right manner.
  • Consistent Umpiring.
  • Red/Yellow card system – captain responsible for the team.
  • Swearing on the pitch should lead to penalties of some description.
  • Captains held more responsible for player behaviour.
  • Captaincy control of good behavioural traits – code of conduct.
  • Setting out with clubs pre-game the “spirit of cricket.”


  • At the toss get captains to agree the spirit of the game and to have pre-play chat with squad.
  • Club Welfare Officers (child safety) to address attitude towards junior players.
  • A league code of conduct and club code of conduct.
  • No bans for captains.
  • * Try to keep the “Spirit of Cricket” alive!
  • Existing “Spirit of Cricket” should cover this. Captains ought to have the confidence to censor own players.





  • Persuade retiring players to take up regular umpiring or scoring.
  • Clubs pay umpires a standard fee throughout.
  • Find a sponsor for independent umpires in Div. 3 and below.
  • Force clubs to have qualified umpires – minimum Level 1 with funding from GCB/ECB.
  • Free umpire courses at club level.
  • Small remuneration to umpires and scorers.
  • Each club to nominate an umpire to travel anywhere with subsidised costs perhaps part-funded by the club.
  • All clubs to provide an umpire to the panel which can then be distributed throughout GCCL with penalty of points to make it work.
  • Problem with more appointed umpires is a diluted quality that will ruin Saturdays through poor decisions.
  • Ensure officials are made welcome.
  • Maybe start an umpire “union” where they can talk together about fixtures and what grounds they would want to umpire at.
  • Appoint one umpire to every league match to work with a member of the batting side.
  • Each team to find an umpire.
  • Encourage ex-players to become umpires and scorers, but do not make it compulsory to provide a non-playing umpire and scorer.
  • Non-qualified players allowed to umpire games at lower levels as a taster to umpiring.
  • Promote relevant umpiring and scoring courses.
  • Encourage more people to take up umpiring and spread through the divisions.
  • Continue the encouragement of new umpires.






  • Action against those clubs who score poorly on pitch ratings.
  • Make it easier for “lesser clubs” to obtain grants etc. to rebuild, clubhouse, pitch, showers etc.



  • GCCL Committee to recognise that players have work/family commitments that mean admin responsibilities cannot always be simply met.
  • Shorter tea break with food after the match.
  • 40 overs per side.
  • Make WEPL scorers rule apply to Divisions 1 and 2.
  • Earlier starts – 12 noon?
  • 40 overs a good idea in Div. 3 and below.
  • All clubs to provide a scorer.